Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can Beeem help you in your marketing?

Beeem takes care of all your needs to engage customers nearby on their phones without any app installed. Using our simple drag-n-drop service you can offer content instantly available on phones on iOS and Android devices with just 2 taps! Beeem provides content management, hosting, beacon & QR code management, plus analytics. Its advanced analytics features let you retarget your audience on Facebook and on Google Adwords.

Let´s have your Beeem landing page generating you more leads and conversions by enabling you to reach over 90% of your customers on their mobile devices.

How can you reach 90% of your customers on their mobile devices?

Beeem powers Nearby Notifications available on over 95% of Android phones. These devices passively scan for Bluetooth signals in the background and offer a message on the notification screen on the device. Unlike intrusive iBeacon App-based messages, Nearby Notifications do not buzz the phone and all privacy and data protection requirements are met by them.

Over 81% of a iOS devices upgrade to the latest iOS version that now comes with QR code scanning built-in, so all you have to do is point to a QR code and tap on the notification!

APPs vs. Beeem

Beeem loves mobile Apps. If you already have a mobile app that some customers use, you can incorporate beacon scanning features for a richer experience of your in-sotre mobile content effortlessly!

Brands like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have low single digit mobile penetrations and it is very likely that you’ll fare the same or even worse. Apps are also expensive to implement and maintain.

Beeem solves all of these this problems by offering you a simple drag-n-drop service you can easily set up in minutes and empowers you with the possibility to reach over 90% of your customers on mobile.

What technologies does Beeem use?

Beeem uses Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform As a Service and CloudFlare Content Delivery Network technologies to offer ultra-fast page download times all over the globe so your page content will load fast even for a large number of pageviews! All Beeem-powered pages are progressive web apps (PWAs) and are fully responsive, designed from small screen even to desktop.

Are people required to have Internet and have their GPS turned on?

Yes, in order to receive Nearby Notifications, they need to have internet access and they should have their Bluetooth and GPS (sometimes called Location) turned on.

How can I try Beeem for free?

Check our pricing at, sign up for the Free plan or simply try Beeem at Create your page in a few minutes with our drag-n-drop tool or use our personalised templates. Check the mobile preview WYSWYG experience!

What if I don't have a beacon?

You can get your own beacon free of charge if you subscribe for our annual Strarter of Pro plan in Beeem! If you do have a beacon you can easily link it to Beeem to broadcast your newly created page!

How do I create a free account?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on SIGN UP FOR FREE
  3. Enter your e-mail address

Using your own domain name with Beeem

You can set up our own domain to show up in notifications with Beeem as a back end! If you have purchased the Pro plan please follow our step-by-step guide to set your own domain in Beeem by clicking the following link:

You will need a valid HTTPS certificate on your server and PHP so your beacon notification it can be anything (like: in the notification (instead of Please note that Google blocks all non-https pages in notifications, so Beeem can not work without HTTPS certification. In order to get your HTTPS server and get PHP running, please contact your hosting provider.

How does Beeem work?

Beeem broadcasts via Google Eddystone Bluetooth beacons for Nearby Notifications on Android, and QR codes on iOS devices and is even capable of powering NFC tags to broadcast your pages. Beeem provides hosting, a drag-n-drop editor to create your landing page in minutes. Beacon & QR code management and the analytics features are also.

What is the advantage to using Beeem vs the beacon manufacturers’ platforms?

Beeem gives you a drag-n-drop CMS, hosting for beacon content, beacon and QR code management capabilities plus the analytics all-in-one. Manufacturers’ beacon platforms typically have no content features at all. You can manage and configure the beacons and set URLs to be broadcast but the actual pages holding your message can not be edited.

“Geofencing” with Beeem

Beeem works with tiny Bluetooth beacons, NFC tags or QR codes broadcasting your message, so they have to be nearby to fire Notifications on phones.

Beeem does not need any app installed on phones, plus it lets you to change content remotely, meanwhile traditional Geofencing does require a specialized app to be installed on people's phones in order to work.

What is the difference between Free, Starter and the Pro plan?

With the Free plan you can try Beeem, you will be able to change INFO card content on one page.

The Starter plan enables you to place VOTE cards, share files with FOLDER cards, photos and audio files with the GALLERY and SOUND cards and links with the URL cards with your audience. You get 6 card types and if you buy an annual subscription, you get 2 months free plus a free beacon of your choice!

With the PRO plan you can easily embed any external web content into your page with the CONTENT card. Besides, you can analyse your engagement data with the analytics dashboard, link your page with Google Analytics, and later retarget your audience on Facebook and in Google Adwords.

You can check out our prices and features included:

How many beacons do I need?

It depends on your goals, the place you would like to cover, its surface, is it indoors or outdoor, are there any walls and its thickness, etc, hence there are a lot of factors to consider.

Beacon range varies between 2 feet and 100 feet (0,5-30m) based on settings, wall thickness, beacon model, settings, number of walls, etc… The range is essentially the same for portable beacons it's more of a battery life issue. Some portable beacons last between 280 days to 14 months in our experience. More robust beacons can last up to 7 years on a single battery charge.

How many subscriptions do I need?

All Beeem plans are paid per beacon. You can publish one page per beacon with one Beeem subscription. Multiple beacons can be assigned to an account nevertheless you would need to upgrade your account to accommodate multiple beacons.

Please note that in 99% of the cases you don't want the same page broadcast by several beacons: Google might filter your Nearby Notifications for being spammy.

Is it possible to add more pages to my account later on?

Yes, just add as many pages as you need. Just click on “Buy more pages” on the Account page!

Remember, as a page owner you can invite anyone with whom you wish to collaborate with in Beeem for FREE!

How many beacons can be used with the Starter or Pro account?

As many as you'd like. You will need separate subscription for each page, or each beacon whichever number is the higher. 

Which beacon is suitable for me?

Several aspects should be considered in order to decide upon the right beacon for your goals. The first obvious thing to decide if you want to use it for indoor or outdoor use. In case of outdoor use a lot depends on the weather conditions you will be experiencing. In case of outdoor use safe deployment and installation is a key element.

In indoor installations there are a wide range of options from solar or USB powered, to long battery life options that have a lifespan between 5-7 years. You should also consider beacon range in your preparation: beacon range can be anything from 2-3 feet to 100 feet but this can be severely influenced by walls and ceilings. Typical materials having negative affect are water, woods and metals. Also please note that 60% of human bodies are water so large crowds usually have a pretty big impact on range.

One workaround to this problem is installing the beacons in top ceilings for a clear line of sight.

Which beacon do you recommend?

We have direct experience with about 30 of the Google certified beacon providers from all over the world. We always consult with our clients about their goals and plans before we ship them their free zero-configuration beacon that comes with the annual subscription, we are happy to help you to choose the one that fits you the best. As a general rule all Eddystone beacons are compatible with Beeem. Check out if your beacon vendor is certified by Google:

Will a beacon need a mobile phone to work?

No, beacons work standalone once you've connected them to Beeem, tough people do need to have mobile data or wifi to receive notification.

Do beacons need to be connected to Wi-Fi?

No, you get them pre-configured, so all you need to do is to create your page in Beeem and the beacon will be Broadcasting your page instantly!

What is a zero-configuration Eddystone beacon?

You can get pre-configured beacons that are already connected to your Beeem account so you don't have to bother with setting up your beacon, we'll ship your beacons cloud connected to your Beeem account, so you can change the content for the beacon without re-configuring it!

Do you have built-in support for surveys?

You can easily embed any survey done in for example Google Forms or SurveyMonkey with our CONTENT tool!

Does Beeem support multi-language projects or pages?

Yes, in any page there is an option to add any number of languages. For each language you should create your content. Beeem automatically recognises the language set in the phones and renders the content using its language. If the user has set a language you don´t create content for, Beeem will use default language (English in most cases). You can customize the page title (notification sent to the mobile phones) but Google currently will let you show it only in the set default language.

How do the beacons send push notifications?

Beeem works with Google Nearby that is pre-installed on almost all Android phones (version 4.4+ - available on over 92.8 95% of all Android phones) running on over 2 billion devices. These notifications do not buzz peoples’ phones, but appear on the notification screens of devices. We suggest a beacon to cover Android phones and QR code-based notifications for iOS devices (iOS 11 available on 81% of iPhones has a very nice QR code reader built into the Camera App). Check out our videos on our Youtube channel:

Android Nearby notification looks like this:

iOS 11 QR code scanning looks like:

What is the length of the message you can display?

Around 40-44 characters and your logo fits in the notification.

Will Google consider these Nearby Notifications spamming?

Not if you do it right! Google is preventing spamming effectively in order to have minimal impact on Android UX. For example if you broadcast the same URL from multiple locations simultaneously with typical spammy content (“Hot deals here”) you are likely to be flagged as not being relevant in a particular location.

Also if someone opens a page by tapping on the Nearby Notification it will not show again until you've closed the page.

Potential customers must look for the notification. So having a good message with brick & mortar signage is essential to your mobile engagement success.

If you're having issues with Notifications not showing up it's probably because you're trying to spam, thus in 99% of the cases you don't want the same page on several beacons. We also suggest not to place your beacon with a general marketing message in crowded places as Google filters your notifications out if you're not relevant enough in a particular physical location. If people swipe your notification away in crowded places your notifications will stop showing up for new people nearby.

For more information on Google Nearby please read:

Can I drive around with the beacon in my car?

Yes you can, but Google will notice it. This may affect the number of notifications it fires for phones Nearby. This is not something we encourage because the results are unpredictable. Nevertheless, we do have experience with beacons that move from one geographical location to another without degrading notification performance. The key in this case is the measurable relevance and stability of content.

Do you sell beacons?

No, we do not sell beacons directly . We work with about 30 Google certified beacon manufacturers worldwide, and will help you select the right beacon for your goals!

Do you offer discounts?

With every annual subscription you will get 2 months off, plus a free beacon of your choice.

We also have volume discounts for large orders, please contact [email protected] for more information!

How can I change the page that the beacon broadcasts?

In the beacons & QR codes menu you assign the page you want to broadcast by the beacon. There is no need to generate and to print out new QR code as the existing one will automatically publish the newly assigned page.

I already have a beacon, can I use it with Beeem?

Sure, just make sure that you have a Google Eddystone compatible beacon. Check the list clicking the link below.

To connect your beacon to your Beeem account, simply use the Beeem short URL in your beacons & QR codes menu or press the COPY URL button on your page editor to find it in your clipboard. Use the configuration app of your beacon vendor or the Universal configuaration utility offered by Google. See this video on our YouTube Channel to learn more:

I would like to use my beacon with Beeem. How shall i set it up? How do I bond my beacon with the page?

You only need to connect a beacon to Beeem once, then you’ll be able to set the page it broadcasts anytime from the cloud!


1. Sign up for a Beeem account

2. press the COPY URL button on the editor OR find your beacon ID at the Beacons & QR codes menu.

3. Put the URL in your clipboard on the beacon with its management app.

See this video on our YouTube Channel to learn more:

Do I need to add https:// protocol to your short url in the configuration app?

Forwarders can be http, but the FINAL url has to be HTTPS, otherwise it will not fire Nearby Notifications. Please note that Beeem short URLs are http. For example:

Is there a possibility to simply redirect people to my website?

Beeem is a one-stop solution to cover all your beacon needs. As traditional websites have very low relevance in physical locations, we discourage you to put your existing website on a beacon. Beeem does not support forwarding to external websites. Nevertheless, you can embed any content into your Beeem page even from your existing websites with the CONTENT card!

Is there a limit for number of cards used for a page?

No, there is no limit, but you shouldn't need a lot.

Can I upload my own logo in the Beeem page and the Notification?

You can change the logo in the notification by setting your page icon. It will automatically generate the right icons from your high-resolution logo.

How often can I change the page and is the change instant?

As often as you'd like, the content will be updated as you edit it. Please note that Google caches Nearby Notifications so anyone already seen your notification may see the old one for some time although the change for the new people seeing your notification will be instant.

How can I create permanent or timed content in Beeem?

The default set is permanent for your content cards. If you would like to schedule content, simply drag and drop the content card to the desired time and day in the calendar or enter the star and end dates in the date time pickers in the editor!

How can I publish video in my Beeem page?

We suggest using the CONTENT card and embedding a YouTube Video with Beeem. - Please use the embed URL offered by YouTube, not the standard one you use with viewing a video.

Why should I choose Beeem vs. competitors?

The main advantage of Beeem is the ease of use and the robust technology behind it. Beeem takes care of all of your issues in setting up in-location content & interaction from hosting, to managing infrastructure to analysing your performance!

How can i get analytics of my beacon?

You can view your analytics directly in Beeem on the Analytics dashboard! Besides you can easily link your Beeem page to your Google Analytics account.

Is it possible to integrate Beeem with existing backend systems?

Beeem powers progressive web apps that can easily be integrated to any back-end system you may use. The primary model for this is to use the content card and embed any HTML output from your systems into your beacon pages for effortless integration!

What kind of beacon do I get free with the annual subscription and how do I get it?

After you subscribe for the annual Starter or Pro plan, we will set up a free 20-30 minute long call with you in order to find the right beacon to accommodate your needs. We will not tie you to any beacon manufacturer. Please read our blog post on the topic: In 2018 who are the best beacon manufacturers out there?

In order to set up a call with us, please send us your available free time slots and shipping address to [email protected].

What does the "INFO card" feature do?

The INFO card is for static content like text and images on your page.

What does the "CUPON card" feature do?

The coupon tool is for engaging your mobile audience with promotional coupons on your page.

What does the "VOTE card" feature do?

VOTE cards are for getting feedback from your mobile audience.

What does the "FOLDER card" feature do?

Folder cards are for sharing downloadable documents with your mobile audience.

What does the "URL card" feature do?

URL cards are for putting up simple links on to your page for external websites or numbers for calling.

What does the "CONTENT card" feature do?

CONTENT cards are for embedding external web content into your page like a YouTube video or a page on your current Website.

What does the "PHOTO WALL card" feature do?

PHOTO WALL tool is for enabling anyone to take a picture close to your page with their phone and share it to your page. The "photo wall" feature is usually used by live event pages and museums, e.g. "the best photo" of a particular object on display competition.

What does the "GALLERY card" feature do?

GALLERY cards are for sharing photos with your mobile audience.

What does the “SOUND card” do?

SOUND cards are for sharing mp3 audio with your mobile audience.